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Aaron is co-author on a manuscript published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences click here for manuscript.

By communication, I mean more than administrative pronouncements. We gather students, regardless of financial circumstances, into a small residential community that is strongly rooted in Southern California yet global in its orientation. Years ago, when I first started my career in academic leadership as the director of a center, my dean put his arm over my shoulder and admonished me to slow down a bit, pace myself: Each apartment is divided into four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Alexie, Emma, and Hannah have joined the Leconte group and will be doing research this term. Crown Hall Senior Apartments The Senior Apartments lie to the east of the college's athletic facilities and to the west of Claremont Boulevard, and are divided into four buildings numbered, and The six-year graduation rate is In addition, students must complete at least two humanities courses and three social science courses, all in areas outside the student's major.

We draw upon creativity to solve the most intractable problems, drive innovation, and open the imagination to new possibilities.

Students enjoy getting to know their professors at wine and cheese receptions and formal dinners preceding lectures. CMC also offers an Oxford-style tutorial Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major with two separate tracks of 14 students each.

Scripps College Presents Annual “Senior Art Show,” Showcasing Original Art by Students

Congratulations to Sydney and Eliza who have succesfully defended their theses. About the Artists Nic Chan: In any given year, most of CMC's — seniors can live in the apartments. All dorm rooms are attended to by housekeeping staff every week. Each of the Claremont Colleges is only able to accommodate one tour per requesting organization.

The mascots are named Stanley the Stag and Athena. It is a tradition for students to get ponded thrown into one of the two fountains located on campus by their peers on their birthday. The rankings are based on the "Balanced" category which is "for students who place equal emphasis on school and sports".

Afternoon tea is free to students, faculty and staff. Sara will be working in consulting with Cambridge Associates. Other programs offered at The Claremont Colleges may be available to Scripps students. These fields of study include: Refer to the Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, and Pomona College catalogs for information about majors and minors in these fields.

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senior thesis. academic year april 29, Senior Thesis: The Culmination of Undergraduate Studies By Susan DeMuro P'20 The senior thesis is the capstone of the undergraduate CMC career, and the final general education requirement.

The senior thesis is the capstone of the undergraduate CMC career, and the final general education requirement. It has been an integral part of the CMC curriculum since the late s. Each senior must complete a thesis, and needless to say, a tremendous amount of time, energy, and focus goes into this endeavor.

Learn about expectations and guidelines for your senior thesis project., powered by Localist Events Calendar | Claremont McKenna College As one of the nation's most selective private liberal arts colleges, CMC sits among the intellectually-stimulating, socially-fulfilling, seven-college community known as The Claremont Colleges, a system.

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